Greek family culture and Greek wedding ceremony

The Greeks are not particularly religious people, but they always adhere to national traditions, customs, when it comes to big events and weddings. Great importance is attached in Greece on different signs, regardless of whether those are good signs or not. One of such signs include guest invitation. For example, if the guests are not going to stay overnight, they do not have to comb the hair or cut nails, as well as important is who is the first guest on the first day of the new year. Because of this, first of all the most friendly and positive people are invited.

Also there are many other signs of the evil eye, attracting good luck in the family and to the health of children. Basically, all the traditions and customs of the Greek families have a religious character, but nothing bad if not all families keep these customs. The church is absolutely easy to personal life of the Greeks and their beliefs.

Constant tradition for every Greek family remains the most beautiful of all traditions: the baptism of the child when godparents should definitely give the kid a gold cross on a gold chain and a full set of clothes, otherwise the child will always have lack of clothing, and the whole life will go not smoothly. Christenings are generally considered a major event in the life of every Greek. Baptism is usually held after the first year of life and up to the moment when Greek is not baptized, he is called a “child.” The very process of baptism is the same as the one of all Christians, and further transferred to the celebration in the house where all the guests are gathered by large table full of a variety of national dishes and, of course, there is music.

Almost all children in Greece are given the names of saints and when the name day of the saint is coming, there is also a child name celebration on this day. On this holiday the closest relatives and friends are gathering. All bring gifts and owners of the house offer light snacks and sweets.

Wedding for Greeks is another great event, which takes place before the mandatory rite of betrothal of young people. A young man comes to the house of the girl’s parents and asks for her hand from his father. If the father agrees, then the parents of both young people meet and agree on the time of their children betrothal. On the appointed day, invited the priest who blesses the rite of betrothal, and young people exchange rings, which the priest puts them in the hands. But still every family in Greece celebrates wedding later, although after the engagement young people can already be considered as husband and wife.

In Greece, there are several types of wedding ceremonies, and they are different for the areas and also depend on where the wedding takes place: in the city or in the countryside. Typically, while the young people wear their wedding outfits, under their windows people sing songs praising the merits of both young people. The groom gives the bride necessarily large bouquet of wedding flowers. Witnesses are dress up in special outfits in which they will have to protect the newlyweds throughout the wedding ceremony. Witnesses also hold wedding rings, which are then transmitted to the priest, then the crowns are baptized three times and put on the heads of the marrying couple.

After the wedding ceremony, all are invited to the wedding, which always contains a large number of people. On these evenings there are always a lot of dancing and singing songs about love and family happiness, and different contests and there is even a very interesting dance called “the dance of money.” During this dance guests attach money to the clothing of married couple so their life was always happy. Also, according to some traditions while preparing the marriage bed, small children must run on, which will bring family the rapid completion and the whole family will always be in abundance.

In Greece, still preserved the tradition when parents look for a husband for their daughter, believing that only they can find the most decent pair with which the daughter will be happy. Finding a suitable young man, the girl’s parents invite the young man to their house, where an acquaintance of young people will be happened. The first few meetings can take place in the house of the parents, this is due to the fact that parents have contributed to meeting and dating of young people. However, parents in Greece are absolutely comfortable with the fact that young people will dating along on their own and will not even mind if they want to try to live together without entering into a formal marriage. Of course, the girl will not be forced to marry a man whom parents found, and if the first two meetings organized by parents failed, the girl would be given complete freedom of choice. Sometimes, however, attempts of the parents are successful and young people marry each other.

Greeks live in large families and married couples can stay in the family house and to live so for many years. Though, modern youth is trying to leave the parental nest and build their own homes. Family relationships are very deep, children who are constantly away from their parents, often gather for the holidays, and parents themselves as far as possible try to help their children. A man in a Greek family is the main, the woman should honor and respect her husband, but do not cringe as is customary in Muslim families. Rights of both spouses are almost equal, except for those that relate to women only: the entire household is on the shoulders of wife. Husband, of course, can help a wife when she leans too much work. Both spouses are involved in raising children, but if it’s a boy then father spends with him much more time than mother. Father tries to rise up the boy as real man, he takes on all the responsibilities of raising a baby boy and unloads his wife time. Walking, evening reading, entertainment are the activities father is doing in order his son remained content and happy.